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Well it's been a weird few months with the pandemic situation to say the least!

So here at offerdropper we have been thinking of how we can help cheer people up during what has been an undoubtedly difficult time for people in so many different ways!


We're all looking forward to life getting back to what will be a new normal. Some of us have been from working from home, some have been furloughed and others such as our fantastic key workers have been continuously going into work!


Whatever situation you were in we have all had to adapt and find ways of amusing ourselves and we've listed our top 4 recommendations below for you and your family to give a try!

1. A great idea if you have young children, is to have a picnic in the garden.

2. Pitch up a tent in the garden and sleep under the stars. (nip in the house if it's too much for some)

3. Have a little talent night, kids can get really creative and make a stage and costumes. you could even get family via the internet to join in.

4. A play made by the kids about the recent lock-down (a little insight to how they see it through their eyes).

A lot of adults have enjoyed having unexpected time at home with family and some have had time to pursue new things they never normally would have had the chance or time to!


I like to try and see the positive as the negative doesn't really help anybody.

Interesting fact for you though, apparently the sale of jigsaw puzzles went through the roof!

Other things to see a soar in popularity are keeping fit at home equipment, running and creative activities like writing, drawing and colouring.

The funny one is that most husbands got to do all those little jobs their wife's have been asking to be done for ages, no good reasons not to ha ha!

The most important thing to remember is to stay safe and have fun! If you decide to do any of our recommended activities please be sure to share some pictures with us across our social media channels!